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Double Helix Nancy Parker: Double Helix
If the key to human immortality is unravelled, can and should that genie be put back in its bottle? Who should receive the immortality treatment, and who should decide?

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Elixir Gary Braver: Elixir
when Chris Bacon, journeys to Papua, New Guinea, in search of "miracle drugs that grow on trees," he finds much more than the contraceptive plant steroids he was looking for. He discovers tabukari, the "forbidden flower of the long day" - a blossom with the power to prolong life.. but miss a dose, and what happens ain't pretty.

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Hades Factor Robert Ludlum: The Hades Factor
A team of scientists is a U.S. government laboratory has been frantically trying to unlock a deadly virus's secrets. When the leading researcher from that lab, Lt. Col. Jonathan Smith, returns from overseas, he barely survives a series of well-orchestrated attempts made on his life.

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The Jekyll Island Club Patricia Clark: The Jekyll Island Club
I have no idea what this one is about, but it looks intriguing. If you find out, please send me an e-mail and I will post it here!


The Patient Michael Palmer: The Patient
A feisty neurosurgeon, a rogue CIA agent, a terrorist, brain tumor patients, an unbearable surgeon, and a robot device that will revolutinize neurosurgery are the stars of Michael Palmer's latest thriller -- his best in years. The surgery scenes crackle.

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The Protocol Steven Ford: The Protocol
Protocol is breaking down at a San Francisco hospital - and so are the patients. A fatal virus has claimed seven lifes in an unauthorized "treatment" for cancer. But before Dr. Susan Keane can track the origins of this miracle cure-turned-killer, she finds herself in trouble: one of her patients is missing...

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The Provider David Shobin: The Provider
Journey into a medical nightmare. If you've ever had a child in the hospital this book will scare the hell out of you.

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A Slow Burning Stanley Pottinger: A Slow Burning
This phenomenal, intelligent thriller truly has something for everyone! There's love and romance mixed in with mystery, suspense, exceedingly graphic violence tossed in with a bit of time travel and even nano-technology! 2nd novel of this phenomenal writer.

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Smoke Screen Vincent Patrick: Smoke Screen
Biological warfare here in the US? It's a distinct possibility, and this novel plays upon that fear with plausible characters and a thrill-a-minute story line.

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Swastika Strain B. Vandervoort: The Swastika Strain
Long after the end of WWII, Dr. Franz Ehrlich is still fighting for Nazi Germany, and his Swastika Strain is nearly ready. The United States has two options: commission a small commando team to stop Ehrlich and destroy his laboratory in Vietnam or launch a nuclear strike on the research complex.

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