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Game Plan Charles Wilson: Game Plan
Imagine a tiny computer chip that can be implanted directly into the brain, allowing various recipients to be fully aware of what their fellow chippees are doing and thinkingcreating a Monad, a minor mind of a God. When five poorly chosen volunteer chippees pool their resources, they come up with a game plan to take over the world powers and run things their way.

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Girl Interrupted Susanna Kaysen: Girl Interrupted
In 1967, after a session with a psychiatrist she'd never seen before, eighteen-year-old Susanna Kaysen was put in a taxi and sent to McLean Hospital. She spent most of the next two years on the ward for teenage girls in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of "borderline personality". Twenty-five years later the author recalls her fellow patients, their doctors and "keepers," and her journey to recovery.

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God Player Robin Cook: God Player
This book explores the dark side of Cardiology, the study of the heart. Not one of his best...

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Gravity Tess Gerritsen: Gravity
Tess Gerritsen used to be a doctor, so it comes as no great surprise that the medical aspects of her latest thriller are absolutely convincing - even if most of the action happens in a place where few doctors have ever practiced - outer space.

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Harmful Intent Baine Kerr: Harmful Intent
A prominent doctor's inexplicable failure to diagnose a devastating disease takes a disillusioned lawyer and his gutsy client on separate quests for the final shocking truth in this edge-of-the-seat legal thriller of medical malpractice. The case is great; the case is full of doubt: the case as rollercoaster.

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House of Death John & Pascal: House of Death
Lia Fowler, a student at Sweet Valley University, falls for a medical student who is only after her money and who plays psychological games with Lila to make her think that she is going insane. (For young adult readers.)

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Howling against the Wind A. Gause-Jackson: Howling against the Wind
This novel exposes the medical implant controversy in a real and telling manner. You can actually feel Lenore's pain and frustration caused by Dr. Gleeson in particular and the medical establishment in general. Mrs. Gause-Jackson, a TMJ implant victim herself writes a plausible thriller.

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The Interfacers David Swenson: The Interfacers
Interfacers are people who meet and affect one another. The ones in these books are angelic, except for the evil Smoane, who tries to take a victim to the depths... They meet at accident scenes, in the emergency room, at the bottom of a Great Lake, in a bedroom late at night.

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Invasion Robin Cook: Invasion
A gigantic spaceship arrives in the stratosphere to dump some black disks onto Earth. Touch these things at your own risk, however; unsuspecting souls who handle the disks receive a sting, soon followed by flulike symptoms and ending in a kind of zombie assimilation into the alien consciousness.

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