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The Kill Box Chris Steward: The Kill Box
Air Force One carrying the Vice President crashes into a North Carolina hillside. A young female student and an F15 fighter pilot are ID'ed on a secret mission to Iraq. The timer is ticking down on a technovirus dispersed through an aerosol spray.

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Lethal Measures Leonard Goldberg: Lethal Measures
The acutely observant, quick-thinking forensic pathologist series heroine, Joanna Blalock, and her good, gray protector, ace-detective Jake Sinclair, become involved with the brutal and clever terrorist clutch, Ten Righteous. Leonard Goldberg is a clinical professor at UCLA Medical Center.

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Lethal Practice Peter Clement: Lethal Practice
St. Paul's Hospital. Buffalo, New York. Scandal rocks the medical community when someone murders the chief administrator, plunging a long thin cardiac needle into his heart with deadly precision.

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The Miracle Strain Michael Cordy: The Miracle Strain
Famed geneticist Dr. Tom Carter's worst nightmares come true when his nine-year-old daughter is diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. Carter now needs a miracle to save his little girl; and one is waiting for him in a cave in the Middle East and in the guarded DNA of the greatest healer in history.

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Mortal Fear Robin Cook: Mortal Fear
Stumbling upon a miraculous discovery at his large Boston clinic, a world-class biologist is horrified when healthy, middle-aged patients begin to die of old age and finds himself caught up in a terrifying experiment. A chilling odyssey into the origins of life and death.

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Mount Dragon L. Child & D. Preston: Mount Dragon
At a secret bio lab in the southwest desert called Mount Dragon, secret research is underway that will provide immense benefit to all - or change the definition of "human" forever. A techno-thriller by the authors of Relic.

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Nightkill Paul Wilson & Steve Lyon: Nightkill
Semimedical thriller by Wilson, a practicing physician (Deep as the Marrow) who joins Lyon, also a novelist of medical thrillers, to produce a mob/medical story about a hitman and a brilliant doctor who has developed a dangerous and deadly new procedure.

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Oath and Miracles Nancy Kress: Oath and Miracles
If you like the X-Files you will enjoy this book. More a mystery with sinister biochemistry overtones than sci-fi, it gives you the creeps and ultimately leaves things unresolved...

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