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When The Wind Blows James Patterson: When The Wind Blows
"What I saw was way beyond my abilities to imagine, beyond my comprehension, my system of belief, and maybe beyond my ability to communicate right now. The little girl's arms were folded back in a peculiar way, but when she lifted them - feathers fanned out."

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Wired to Death Pamela Mitchell: Wired to Death
In the year 2018 when most diseases are controllable through customized medical treatments, Tanner Bishop, a government investigative agent for the Centers for Disease Control, learns there's a new, unexplainable disease loose in upstate Washington--with an unbelievable 100% kill rate.

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Zero Option P. Deutermann: Zero Option
They call it Wet Eye: a biological weapon that literally eats out the eyes of its victims. Now, deep within the belly of the U.S. military establishment, one small silver canister of Wet Eye is missing - lost because a career pencil-pusher has cut a million-dollar deal and signed it in blood.

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