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Posted by DarkEnchantress from IP on March 05, 2008 at 20:01:09:

In Reply to: SRO (Saudi Recruitment Office) interview/exam tips posted by DarkEnchantress on March 02, 2008 at 23:41:34:

Hi guys,

I'm done with my interview at SRO..whew! Tamang anxiety lang, hehe. Well, I got late at my interview..I got there passed 9am (the appointment is 8am) so I thought that I should just go to my next route because a friend of mine told me that there is a girl at the SRO counter that is so "mataray"..(so naisip ko baka pauwiin din ako kasi nga late na). But "NO!" (i told myself). I'll backout after that long travel??? "No Way!" So derecho parin ako. I'm not that familiar with Makati so I got a bit loss..haha!

So after the running, perspiring, and long walking, I reached BDO bldg. At the entrance, I saw many people in a line. I thought I should also fall in line before getting inside, but good thing I decided to go direct to the entrance. I told the guard that I have an appointment with SRO, and the guard said, "For interview? Hanapin n'yo muna yun name sa list if andon" (the list of names is at the reception). So ayun, I found my name, gave my ID to the receptionist, got my ID pass, and went up to the 18th floor immediately (using the elevator ofcourse).

At the SRO, there are so many people..but not crowded. I asked someone if the interview had started already, and I was shock when they said, "Hindi pa eh.." For me it was, "Wow, anong oras na noh?? Filipino time din pala kahit sa SRO, hehe" So I went to the restroom first (para mag ayos naman, muka nakong basura, haha). At the restroom there are girls complaining about how long will they wait before the interview starts, some are anxious, some wants to go home already, and there's someone complaining about the attitude of the people inside the SRO, especially the woman at the counter..
"barubal talaga, bastos, kala mo kung sino", said the girl.
And I asked her, "Sino, yun nasa counter ba?
Ah ok, sabi nga ng kasama ko nauna sa interview beware of that person kasi nga medyo mataray, and hindi nga maganda magentertain ng applicants.."
and the girl replied
"Oo talaga, bastos talaga s'ya magsalita, at dinuro-duro pako na lumabas na" blah blah blah
So naisip ko, tama pala yun reminder nung friend ko to beware of that person, haha.

Anyway, I went to Counter 4 (the area where you need to go first) and there I met face-to-face with the known "mataray" woman and talked to her in the most soothing voice I can
(at least I tried to start it right with her regardless of those negative things about).
She verified my b-day, told me to log my name, then look for my folder inside a room
(the one that we submitted to the POEA, containing all our credentials).

After I found my folder, I went back to Counter 4, then the woman asked my area of specialization, and I said none because I still don't have working experience. She wrote a number in the upper right part of my folder, #119
(Huwaat?? Pang-119 pako???)
Then, that's it, she told me to sit for a while and wait for the interview.

Good thing I brought something to read, my pirated Gapus reviewer & my original G&A notes, hehe. So waiting didn't make me irritable at all.^_^
But as my turn gets closer, my anxiety increases..hearing the reactions os those who are through with the interview amplified my anxiety more. They were like,
"Grabeh, tinanong ba naman ako sa Mechanical Vent??"
"Anu ba naman yun, puro heart"
some said "Myastenia Gravis, CVA, MI, andami tinanong sakin.."

I still tried to remain calm despite all these things I'm hearing. I continued reading (in a relaxing way), until I got tired..

And here it is, the grand finale, MY TURN! I was like, "Ok, kaya mo yan".
I knocked at the door, greet the interviewer (an Arab), and waited him to tell me that I can sit.
He was obviously tired, I can see it in his eyes, gestures, and movement. He looked at me and said, "Brr..rubrrd,,drrr.." In short, I didn't really get what he said because of his arabian accent so I replied ,
"What? Pardon?"
Maybe he noticed so he speaked a bit slowly..and said,
"Just try to relax and have a deep breath..I know you're feeling anxious (with a smiling face, that actually made me relieved from anxiety)
so I said,
"Yeah, you're definitely correct. Thank you."
He finished his evaluation to the girl before me, and proceed with my interview.
He first asked if I have working experience and I said "none yet". He discussed to me that working experience is I was like, " di naba ko pwede (sa isip ko lang)"
And then he immediately follow up that statement with,
"If ever you'll be hired, do you think you're ready for this work? Having no experience?"
and I said,
"I think I'm ready, with some training I think I'll be OK because I have been doing my studies at home and I engaged in volunteer work that really gave me an idea in working in a hospital.
Then he said,
"Ok, let's see if you are really ready for the job. I'll give you a critical thinking situation."
While he was stating the situation, I was really focusing because I'm having a hard time with his accent..but luckily, I got the important data.
And I think I responded correctly to the situation. It's about a patient having a BP of 70/30, with nasal cannula regulated at 2 L, and is drowsy.
For me the patient is suffering from severe hypotension so IV fluid is essential. And there, he said I got a good answer. (But actually, before I ended up with that answer, dami ko pang paligoy-ligoy about the assessment, lowering the head of bed, increasing the O2, etc.)
Then he said, "Thank you for that answer Ms. ???"
That is my dillema now! After he said that, I thanked him also, gave him a hand shake and left the room. After a while, I asked my self, "Wait, am I supposed to leave na? Did he really gave me the permission to go? Or did I just assumed that the interview ended there because he said thank you? Oh my.."
Until now, I'm still bothered about it. What if he's not finished with the interview when I left? I'm dead!

Ayun lang po, tapos na, hehe. Sensya na medyo mahaba. That's my whole interview experience.
My advice is..try to review while you still have time because you can never predict if they will ask you MS, OB, OR, MCH, etc. They do ask questions from all aspects of nursing. So be very ready. Know the basics, it will help really help you. Study.

Hope this helps. God bless us all.^_^

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