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Posted by janus from IP on November 25, 2009 at 03:56:26:

First and foremost important document that the consul will ask or look for is the USCIS NOA (Notice of Approval) which is part of your employment packet sent by either your employer or Immigration Lawyer.

What is USCIS NOA?
- it is a document from USCIS which bears your Name, Birthday, Sponsor, Receipt No., Date the petition was approved and it is indicated in NOA that your petition is approved.Also, it indicates the duration of your approved H1B( usually 3 years).
Why it is important?
- You will need it when you set your consular interview appointment via online (visapoint) where you will be asked of your USCIS receipt no.
- You must bring a photocopy of your NOA during your embassy interview. YOu will show it to the guards outside the embassy. Once inside the pavilion, you will give a copy of your NOA to the personnel manning the booth where you will get your assigned number for the consul interview.

What document to bring?
- Employment packet, suggest that you separate your packet by section. Have the original NOA always ready. Use a clear notebook so that it is easier to get documents as per consul's request.
- Credentials: Original copies of the ffg:
NCLEX result
CGFNS visa screen certificate
NSO Authenticated documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate)
Employment Certificates

Suggest that you present yourself as a professional. Wear business attire.

You will be surprise that it takes only less than 2 minutes and you are done with the interview.

Do not be nervous when it is your turn to be interviewed. When it it your turn, present your passport together with your DS-156 and USCIS NOA.

Less talk, less mistake. Only answer what is being asked, nothing more nothing less.

These are the questions I encountered:
Q1-What will be your work in the US?
Q2-When was your last visit in the US? For how long did you stay? What is the purpose of your visit?
Then the consul asked for my old passport with my US multiple B1/B2 visa.He just had a quick view of it.
After wards, he gave me again the yellow stub and ask me to go back to the pavilion and have my visa delivery processed using Delbros couriers.During my entire interview, the consul is busy checking on his computer monitor. He checked on my USCIS NOA on his computer.

After 2 working days, I already have my passport with my H1B visa stamped on it delivered by Delbros. BTW, you have to pay Php 250 for the courier service.

Your DS-156 and DS-157 should be filled up accurately since most of the questions to be asked will be based on the information you put on the 2 forms. (Note: DS-156 Form can be filled up online, while DS-157 will be given when you pay the USD 131 either in BPI or Citibank.

For couples to be interviewed, the questions are centered on your marriage. I have heard that sometimes the consul asked on what was the exact time and date the couple got married.

You can also search online different embassy interview tips. Check

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